Yarin Shahaf School for Beauty Professionals lets you realize your dream, to operate in a profession you always wished to be part of and enjoy every moment! This is just the place to learn and know everything about beauty studies. The school was established in 1986 and has since become Israel’s no. 1, leading school for beauty studies. Among its professional and inviting walls you will find an entire world of beauty profession studies and a staff that trains Israel’s best makeup artists. Yarin Shahaf school of beauty professionals continues to run forward. The school’s advantage and uniqueness lies not only in what it contains – although it does contain a lot. Its professionalism is also expressed in the fact that the school does not have a makeup product line and therefore it does not ‘sin’ in commercialism or lack of objectivity. This is reflected both in the makeup studies in which students are exposed to all types of products and techniques, and in the advice and different makeup services provided by the school. Yarin Shahaf himself expressed it well: “we provide net training, and when it comes to training, we are Number One”.
Yarin Shahaf, considered Israel’s leading makeup artists, was born in Tel Aviv 

in 1962. His love for makeup was formed in an early stage of his life. As a boy he travelled to Italy where he discovered an entire and fascinating world of professional makeup. It all began in a train ride from Rome to Florence, where he met a pair of male and female makeup artists and the charming conversation with them filled him with enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm still accompanies him in everything he does at the top of the makeup world.
In the course of his work, Yarin has given a large number of lectures in which he discovered his talent as a teacher in general and as a professional makeup in particular. This naturally led the way to a unique professional career.

Additionally, Yarin provides makeup for make-believe wounded persons in the Beer Sheba University Faculty of Medicine’s trauma course, and serves as the chief makeup artist for the Israeli Defense Forces’ Medical Corps.
Along with leading global chemists, Yarin Shahaf is involved in development and improvement of professional makeup products. At the same time, he provides consultation for multiple cosmetics companies in selecting makeup colors and components that improve their products. The professional satisfaction he gains from advice and development of professional makeup products led him to decide not to develop his own line of makeup products. This is intended to enable him to continue providing neutral advice for makeup companies without focusing on a specific company. At the same time, he ensures his students study makeup and provide makeup services without representing a specific makeup company.

In 1999, Yarin Shahaf received a particularly attractive proposal, to serve as the chief international makeup artist of one of the world’s largest makeup companies. Despite the financial temptation, he chose to continue on the road he set for himself and to train new generations of male and female makeup artists in Israel. Yarin Shahaf is listed in three prestigious European makeup artist agencies and fly every year in October to Milan and Paris to provide makeup in Prete a Porter summer shows and in March for winter shows.

In 1986, Yarin Shahaf established the makeup school. Its major practice is training professional male and female makeup artists in different aspects of makeup: beauty makeup, brides, photography, television, artistic makeup, cinema and theater.
Since then, he has taken part in numerous fashion productions and clips, makeup for covers of leading Israeli and foreign magazines, makeup for commercials of large companies, and he’s the personal makeup artists for many models, actors and singers.
Yarin provides his students with the extensive know-how and experience he has accumulated as well as his excellent connections in Israel’s movie, theater and fashion industries.

Yarin serves as a makeup artist for the Haute Couture fashion shows that take place in Paris in July (winter fashion) and January (summer fashion). In addition, he teaches several times a year at the Makeup Institute of Stockholm.


Since 2014, Yarin Shahaf, along with other international trend-setters, has been providing forecasts and attempts to “read” trends in the beauty business before they occur.

In July 2016, Yarin Shahaf launched the beauty forecast magazine for 2017/18 in Israel and Europe.

Metamorphosis of Yarin Shahaf’s School for Beauty Professionals – history in a nutshell:

• In 1986, Yarin Shahaf, at the tender age of 24, established the makeup school. The beginning was on Ben Gurion Avenue, Tel Aviv, with a single classroom. Who could have envisioned the future development?

• In 1987, without losing time, Yarin Shahaf’s Makeup School relocated to 84 Dizengoff St., where Yarin met his wife, Nava.

• Another year passed and in 1988, Yarin Shahar’s Makeup School relocated to 58 Arlozorov St. The premises contained 2 makeup classrooms and a photo studio in which the students took pictures of their work. Yarin began to recruit additional teachers that would provide makeup lessons for the growing number of students who enrolled.

• In 1997, Yarin Shahaf’s Makeup School relocated to 28 Mapu St., Tel Aviv.

• In 2011, the school relocated to 7 Mendale Mocher Sefarim St., Tel Aviv. New beauty courses were added to the various makeup courses provided by the school, including styling, hairdressing and others.

• Out of consideration for the students’ welfare, in 2015, Israel’s most luxurious makeup facility was opened – a 5-story building at 10 Beit Hillel St., Tel Aviv. The school is located at walking distance from the HaShalom train station and Azrieli shopping center. The school contains spacious and well-equipped makeup classrooms, photo and television studios, library, inspiration rooms, makeup shop, art gallery, cafeteria and more.

International Pride

In 2018, IUM, the International Union for Makeup and Hairstylist Education, selected Yarin Shahaf as the top makeup school in Israel!

Yarin Shahaf’s school is the only school in Israel to be accepted by the international union.

And finally, a personal touch of the brush

Yarin was born into an orthodox family but leads a laic lifestyle that suits his occupation while respecting religious values and his family’s choice. After the makeup school was established, he also established a family, married Nava, and brought two daughters into the world.